Term Dates & Timetables


 Term Dates 2020/21



Autumn Term


Begins                                   Tuesday 1st Septermber 2020


Half Term                             Monday 26th October 2020 to Friday 30th October 2020


Ends                                     Friday 18th December 2020




Spring Term


 Begins                               Monday 4th January 2021 


Half Term                          Monday 15th February 2021 to Friday 19th February 2021


Ends                                  Friday 26th March 2021



Summer Term


Begins                               Monday 12th April 2021


Half Term                         Monday 31st May 2021 to Friday 4th June 2021


Ends                                  Tuesday 20th July 2021



PD Days


Tuesday 1st September 2020


Wednesday 2nd September 2020 


Monday 4th January 2021


Monday 19th July 2021


Tuesday 20th July 2021





 Term Dates 2021/22


Autumn Term


Begins                              Wednesday 1st September 2021


Half term                         Monday 25th October 2021 to Friday 29th October 2021


Ends                                 Friday 17th December 2021



Spring Term


Begins                            Tuesday 4th January 2022


Half term                       Monday 21st February 2022 to Friday 25th February 2022


Ends                               Friday 8th April 2022



Summer Term


Begins                             Monday 25th April 2022


Half Term                       Monday 30th May 2022 to Friday 3rd June 2022


Ends                               Thursday 21st July 2022      



PD Days


Wednesday 1st September 2021


Thursday 2nd September 2021


Friday 3rd September 2021


Tuesday 4th January 2022


Thursday 21st July 2022





















We believe that enrichment opportunities are an essential part of our pupils’ education.  Three afternoons a week after end of the formal day there will opportunities for pupils to access a programme of curriculum enrichment activities.  For those who are able to integrate into the Academy pupils will be able to access the Samuel Ward enrichment programme and choose from over 60 after school activities and clubs. Enrichment will also be offered within the Churchill environment.