Pupil Admissions

Each application is assessed on an individual basis. In each case, we take account of the needs of the individual child and consider whether the school would be suitable to meet their needs.


•   Pupils must be aged between eight and eighteen years at the time of admission

•   Most pupils will have an EHC Plan, specifying that he/she  has specific difficulties with language, interaction and communication or a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

•   Pupils may have learning difficulties that are associated with their language, literacy and               communication difficulties but attainment should be broadly in line with national average.

•   Pupils may have specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.


Churchill pupils’ needs may be varied, creating extensive barriers to learning, but they will not have emotional and behavioural difficulties or significant/severe learning difficulties as their primary need.


Places are commissioned by the local authority.  Applications for the admission of pupils who live outside Suffolk are considered, subject to the availability of places and transport decisions by the pupil’s home Local Authority.  Pupils with statements or EHC Plans naming the school are admitted. 


The school’s admissions procedures involve:

•   An initial visit to the school by the young person’s parents/carers

•   A referral from the Local Authority including detailed information about the pupil

•   An offer of a place to the Local Authority, if it is agreed a placement at Churchill School is appropriate

•   An agreement by the Local Authority to fund the placement

•   A transition plan including visits to the school.


A detailed base line assessment takes place during the first half term of a pupil’s placement. The base line data is used to set targets that are incorporated into Individual Education Plans (IEPs).


If you think Churchill School could offer the right placement for your child, please contact us to arrange to visit the school. At the same time, you should inform your Local Authority of your interest.


All admissions will be processed through Suffolk Local Authority.