The Governing Body

Meet the Governors

The school governors are local people representing the parents and public in important matters involving the school.  The governors, in co-operation with the headteacher, are concerned with the educational facilities, the maintenance of the school building, the appointment of staff, and the general administration of the school curriculum. The day-to-day details of teaching and management are the responsibility of the headteacher and the teaching staff.

Regular meetings are held, which coupled with frequent visits to the school, mean that the Governing Body is able to carry out their growing responsibilities. 

The Governing Body has decided not to have any committees.


Governing Body Membership

Mrs Rebecca Poynter (Chair)  -   Becky Poynter Profile

Mrs Denise O’Brien   -  Denise O'Brien Profile

Mrs Rosie Smithson  -  Rosie Smithson Profile

Mrs Kirsty Richards   -  Kirsty Richards Profile

Mr Chris Komodromos - Mr Komodromos Profile

Mrs Paula Allen  -  Paula Allen Profile

Mr Liam Cattermole-Ward - Liam Cattermole-Ward Profile

Mrs Jayne Attwell - Jayne Attwell Profile



Churchill School Governors can be contacted via the school address:

Churchill Special Free School

Chalkstone Way



CB9 0LB 


Link to Unity Schools Partnership scheme of delegation: