The National Curriculum will be followed as appropriate, but with flexibility to meet diverse and individual needs, Multi-sensory approaches will be integrated into all learning and teaching to support all learners. For most pupils the programmes of study will follow their key stage but for others an earlier key stage may be more appropriate.

There is an emphasis on building the communication skills of learners. A number of approaches are used including:

  • Visual representations e.g. timetables and prompts
  • Programmes to assess and develop students’ communication, interpersonal and social skills including Socially Speaking and The Social Use of Language Programme
  • Social Stories
  • Comic Strip Conversations
  • Access to appropriate models of language
  • A focus on raising aspiration so that pupils make excellent progress academically and socially
  • Teaching that engages all pupils so that each one participates, is creative, able to express their views, contributes and develops emotional resilience
  • A strong focus on the child as a whole and their physical, social, spiritual, cultural and emotional well being
  • Planning that enables learners to access mainstream opportunities

Enrichment opportunities will be offered three days per week and will be reflective of the needs of our pupils including activities such as life skills and debating. Pupils will also be offered the chance to take part in community or environmental projects.


Key Stage 2

Pupils follow the National Curriculum in subjects, making links where appropriate, with a strong emphasis on language. Planning and delivery take account of the specific needs of each pupil.

Key Stage 3

Pupils will access the full range of National Curriculum subjects. The curriculum will, however, be taught in a flexible way in order to meet the needs, interest and passion of each pupil. There are also opportunities to integrate in some lessons within Samuel Ward.

Key Stage 4

By accessing facilities at Samuel Ward Academy there are a range of options available. Pupils will be able to follow courses from entry level up to GCSE. Pupils not integrating into the Academy will be taught seven GCSE’s by visiting specialists from the Academy while their class teachers remains with them in a supportive role.

Key Stage 5

The post-16 curriculum provides students with a good foundation for life outside school. The range of qualifications and courses are tailored to the needs of the students. Academic courses are supported by Samuel Ward, but there are also opportunities for students to be supported to access more work related programmes or vocational pathways.

Work Experience

Learners have the opportunity for vocational learning and personal development in the work place. This provides them with a chance to engage with the community through work experience, shadowing or integrated approaches depending on what is most appropriate.


Curriculum Maps

The key stage curriculum maps to the right outline content offered. Those with a Samuel Ward logo are offered exclusively by the academy and students will need to intergrate to access these subjects. Those with a Churchill logo have been written to reflect the Churchill curriculum, while those with both logos illustrate where content is the same. 


Curriculum Maps